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Wanted: Earn Points and Rewards with Willowflare's Bug Bounty Program


Caught a game bug? Send it over to earn a fat sack of points!

He's all yours, bounty hunter

As a Willowflare user, you're on the frontier of mobile game releases. While you're not going to have to survive a bout of dysentery any time soon (unless we are doing surveys for an Oregon Trail knock-off), there may still be bugs scattered throughout some of the titles we support; and frankly, we want 'em gone.


That's why we've put on bounties on the head of any bug that rears it's ugly head to our users. The nastier the bug, the more points you can earn. Once a user identifies a bug, it will be posted in the Willowflare Forums and that bounty is filled.


Only one user can claim a bug's bounty, so you better be fast on the draw!


These are the three type of bugs that may pop up for you:


[200 Points] Game Breaking Bugs - Game Breaking Bugs are "show-stoppers" - the bugs that either stop...
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