Lets just talk about the Game.

Started by Yiung


This is meant to be constructive criticism/dialogue, please don't hold it against us

During my experience of playing the game, it felt rather shallow. Given the kind of game it is and the space it occupies, it is inevitable for this game to be compared to the likes of Clash of Clans. Here a few points that should be considered.
-City/Base Building
It is restrictive. Because of the layout of the city, you are constantly scanning to see where things are. If it was flexible, and customizable, players would have a easier time organizing buildings.
The strategy of the game was very much "crash your units against theirs and see who's the last one standing". Because of the fighting system (or lack there of), the implementation is even more saddening, as one of the potentially cooler aspects of the game is reduced to a chore. a simple rock-paper-scissor system would have made things more interesting. Going into the overworld is worse, since they mixed semi-random world interactions along with what i think is online multiplayer (due to previous experiences, i knew what i could be walking into and did not choose to potentially enter online multiplayer). It would be a simple matter of creating a tab for story/world combat and another one online multiplayer. Also, in world combat the mobs that spawned had randomized levels attached to them. This made finding groups that can be attacked to become a chore to find, on top of the "chore" of fighting them. Please just spawn mobs that you can attack and leave groups that are too high off the map.
Simply put there are too many. And since they start you off with all of them, and no slow progression to introduce each of them to you, you are left in the wind on how to use them and what they buy/are used for.

due to the high detail visuals, and that my experience was constrained to a 3rd Gen Moto G, the game came off as rather unsightly. It was an eyesore to have to look at the art assets. A simpler art style would have helped with appeal, and the readability of the game.

most likely, the devs will never see this post, and will not change anything about the game. This will serve only as a warning to new devs that wish to try and make a base-building/tactics game.
1. make your player-base get comfortable with the resources you give them.
2. make the most interesting part of the game just that, interesting.
3. make sure your aesthetic and art style readable, and appealing.
4. make it so that your players have more time to have fun, than more time spent doing chores.



Hi Yiung,

Thanks for your detailed feedback! I think your points regarding combat strategy are particularly interesting.

The developers have the game on Willowflare exactly because they hope to get these sorts of notes from our surveys and forum-goers. We can't promise that all of the changes you're proposing get made, but the Legend of Tyroria developers will absolutely see what you have to say.

We look forward to future contributions from you!



Another thing with the multiplayer aspect. With the ability to attack cities and loot resources, I've noticed a major issue. There is absolutely no way to defend yourself unless you happen to have the game on at the exact moment it's happening, and even then there was no tutorial on it or clear way to achieve this defense. As it is, the chances are high that your city is just going to get ransacked and all of those resources you've saved up are going to vanish into someone else's pocket, completely ruining any motivation to continue playing.