[LoT] Bug Bounty Program - Leaderboard, Information & More!

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Bug bounties are posted here -- verified bugs will grant you extra Willow Points and possible in-game rewards! Report all bugs to aaron.hetzer@willowflare.com.

Not sure how to report a bug? Check out our blog post (http://willowflare.com/blog/bug-bounty)!

The short story is: (1) take a screenshot of the bug if you can, (2) fill out a bug report using the format of the example report provided and (3) shoot it our way in an email to aaron.hetzer@willowflare.com

Example Bug Report:
Willowflare Username: admin
Device: Galaxy S6
Bug Type: Visual & Language Bug
Description: The word "receive" is spelled incorrecly as "recieve". See attachment.
Attachment (If Applicable):

The number of points you get is determined by how big the bug is. Game Breaking Bugs net you 200 points, bugs that affect Functionality (like broken buttons or wonky combat interactions), earn you 100 points and Visual & Language Bugs (like typos, grammatical errors or broken images) get you 30 points a pop.

They will be rewarded within 48 hours of confirmation and you're username and score will be updated on the leaderboard below.

This is a great way to earn points for rewards like Riot Points, iTunes Gift Cards and more. So get huntin'!


  1. 22TheDarkLord22 - 30 Points (Best Kill: Willowflare Survey Bug)